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     I have been in love with art ever since I could remember and for me it all started out when I began drawing Heathcliff comic strips. Once I got a little older I moved onto drawing Spiderman and other comic book characters, still life, portraits, and airbrushing. As fate would have it, for one reason or another I moved away from drawing and pursued the art of photography, which became the second love of my life.

     In college and article was written about me being a shutterbug because I took over 10,000 photos during that school year. As the years went on I took more and more photos and began investing in better equipment which let me to pursue my dream professionally. My true passion is landscape, nature, and travel photography, but I am always looking for a challenge and am continually pursuing endeavors with portrait, wedding and other types of photography.      ...now on to my first love.

     Cristina, who is my fiancĂ© and partner in this dream, also has a passion for photography. She has inherited my first "pro" camera and is working towards becoming an accomplished photographer by learning more about lighting and the principles of photography. She has a natural ability for it and continues to grow every time she picks up the camera.

     I would say that she is following in her sister's footsteps and I guess to some extent in mine although we sometimes differ with our creative styles, which keeps me on my toes. Even though we don't always agree, she has my best interest at heart and has been the main reason I am pushing forward to try new things and further develop my passion for photography.

     She also helps with keeping me organized and sane when I need it the most, and is responsible for reviewing the content on this site and any other work I do. She has also taken over my role in submitting/selling stock photography.  I hope you enjoy the site and please feel free to add any clean, but constructive criticism in the comments section.

Bob Bowlin


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